On Vytautas Bruveris’s Series of Articles «Lithuania and the Holocaust: Endless Seizures Instead of Healing Wounds»: Comments by Lithuanian Readers Contain Indications of Crime


In the first week of way the internet site of the Lietuvos Rytas newspaper featured a series of articles in Lithuanian by Vytautas Bruveris called “Lithuania and the Holocaust: Endless Seizures Instead of Healing Wounds.”

Part One, May 1, 2020;

Part Two, May 2, 2020;

Part Three, May 3, 2020.

All three parts were reprinted on the LJC website and were quickly translated into Russian and English as well. The English texts are as follows:

lzb.lt/en/, Part One;

lzb.lt/en/, Part Two;

lzb.lt/en/, Part Three.

Goal of Observations

I don’t undertake an exhaustive analysis of all these texts, I just want to present to the global audience some of the comments left by Lithuanian readers. Lithuanian readers, testified to by the little flag in the comments which indicates the location of the IP address from which the comments were sent.

I will only include screen captures of some of the comments which (I believe) call for violence. I believe the authors of these are within the jurisdiction of the Lithuanian courts.

Part I

Part II

Part III

Author’s Opinion

Reading the comments, some “patriots” might say, “Is this a gig deal? This might just be one crazy person’s work.

I will answer them “Jewishly,” i.e., by asking another question: aren’t there too many such crazy people in Lithuania?

P.S. A very important observation:

Look at how many readers supported each comment.

For instance, another 47 readers “liked” the invitation “Jews, get out of Lithuania.”

It isn’t difficult to find all these “likers.”

All that’s needed is the will to do so.


Translated from the Lithuanian by Geoff Vasil.
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On Anti-Semitic Comments on the Internet Site www.lrytas.lt
(Заявление еврейской общины Литвы по поводу антисемитских комментариев на портале lrytas.lt)
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