Bentley and La Scolca - 100 years of Excellence!..

La Scolca and Bentley, together to toast to one hundred years of excellence lived with style, dynamism and passion.

Good news from Milan:

La Scolca winery celebrated its centenary with Bentley. Charming Chiara Soldati, the owner of a world-famous winery La Scolca with the Gavi Golden Bottle of the Gavi Black Label®

Our congratulations!

La Scolca and Bentley celebrated together - with the Gavi Golden Bottle of the Gavi Black Label®, the limited edition La Scolca created specifically for the centenary - the launch of the new Bentley Flying Spur presented on 6 November at Bentley's showroom in Milan, at a select audience of guests for an exclusive and refined event.

Excellence, style, dynamism and passion that go beyond time, fashions and boundaries. Two iconic brands that have been able to compete and conquer international markets thanks to their constant attention to innovation, technology and modernity, without sacrificing the taste for tradition and the expertise of artisans in the vineyard and in the factory.

Winery La Scolca - the very first participant in our project "Yellow Road"
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