TENUTA COLPAOLA, Matelica, Italy

Tenuta Colpaola in the interior...

Map of comune of Matelica (province of Macerata, region Marche, Italy


Loc. Colpaola, Fraz. Braccano

62024 Matelica - MC - Italy

Immediately determine the coordinates. Adriatic Sea. East coast of Italy. South of San Marino and Rimini. Ancona ...

We move further from Ancon into the mainland. We need to get into Matelica

Matelica. Panorama

Ancona. Panorama

Matelica lies in an ample valley where the Braccano creek joins the Esino river, dominated by the town from an eastern ravine. The valley, roughly in the north–south direction, is delimited on the east and west sides by Apennines sub-ranges, whose highest peaks are respectively Mount Gemmo at 719 metres and Mount San Vicino at 1,479 metres , compared to the 354 metres above sea-level of the city centre.

Ancona is a city and a seaport in the Marche region in central Italy, with a population of around 100,000 . Ancona is the capital of the province of Ancona and of the region. The city is located 280 km northeast of Rome, on the Adriatic Sea, between the slopes of the two extremities of the promontory of Monte Conero, Monte Astagno and Monte Guasco. Ancona is one of the main ports on the Adriatic Sea, especially for passenger traffic, and is the main economic and demographic centre of the region.

Yellow Road Questions answered by Laura Migliorelli, Export Wine Tenuta Colpaola

1 - You have a vineyard, there is wine, what would you like to add to this picture? Expand the vineyard, improve the wine, increase sales? If it's not a secret, what are your plans for the future?

We start our activity in 2007 with 6 Hectar and 2 years ago We have implanted other 4 Hectar. So, the estate is complety full of vineyards…1° step/ dream is realized. For the future the Company want and must increase its sales. Our first imbottled was in 2013, We are very yung and We need to grow up.


Bere Bene

2 - History of the creation of your BIANCO and how much is a bottle, for example Verdicchio di Matelica DOC?

When the propriety bought Estate, it was immediately decided to plant Verdicchio because is an authoctonus grape in our land. For this reason was born our Verdicchio di Matelica DOC Colpaola. Our bottlet is a little bit different than other Verdicchio. We chose an unusual bottle for this type of wine and We put screw cup. We put a single binding label and not front / back label. So, the bottle has been studied in every detail to contain a great white wine : our Verdicchio di Matelica DOC. If you come in our winery You can py 9,50 € each bottle.

3 - And where, besides the winery, can try your wine?

So, If you come in our winery you can drink a glass of wine with me and Stefania. In office, for sell wine you can find me and Stefania. You can try our wine in restaurant and wine shop in Italy, and you can drink our wine in America, Repubblica Ceca, Svizzera, Olanda, Germania, Belgio.

4 - List, if possible, a set (gift box) of four or six own wines (red and white), which, in your opinion, can be worthy of representing your farm?

In my opinion, If you want buy a gift box with 6 bottles, you can buy the same white wine in a different age, I twill a very special gift.

5 - Share your successes in winemaking: awards, prizes... ?

We won “Bere Bene “ of Gambero Rosso

Wine Spectator

Asia Import Chain

Le Marche nel Bicchiere

Stefania and Francesco Porcarelli, owners

6 - Tell us a little about the owners of the vineyard, if not secret?

The owners of the vineyard are Stefania and Francesco Porcarelli. Before, the Estate was rent by Francesco’s Grandfather and after by Francesco’s father.

Francesco has grown in this enchanted land and during his childhood was born passion for products of the ground. Francesco e Stefania ( his wife ) bought the Estate in 2007 and start this asdventur with wine.

Verdicchio di Matelica DOC

7 - Your choice for the "Yellow Road" of white (yellow) wine?

The choise was becouse Verdicchio is an authoctonus grapes of our land.

8 - Can you offer the most impressive view (favorite point) on vineyards or the surrounding landscape?

Surely, the most beautiful view of the vineyard is where you can see the difference in height of our vineyards



9 - Your vineyards are located in fantastically beautiful places, yes?

I think this me too. We stay al 650 m asl… the wineyards are the higest of this land.

Laura & Stefania

Can a tourist live in your hotel? Is it convenient for them to travel to the famous Marche cities?

The tourist can live heare and He can travel Marche Region with serius coiffeur.

10 - Which white wine producer (from Italy or another country) would you recommend for the "Yellow Road"?

I want racommenend 2 opposites : Etna Bianco and Risling !!!

Sergey Evtuhov, author of the project "Yellow Road"

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