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Traveling along the "Yellow Road" involves visiting the large "grape" islands of the Mediterranean: Sicily, Sardinia and Corsica. Among the project participants there are already winemakers from Sicily and Sardinia. Today is the first participant from Corsica: Domain Orenga de Gaffory. Under the management of a domain of 56 hectares of vineyard, located in five zones: Patrimonio, Barbaggio, Saint-Florent, Oletta, et Poggio d’Oletta.

Red wine from Domain Orenga de Gaffory

Vineyards Domaine Oranga de Gaffory

I thank

Béatrice Magi of Domain Orenga de Gaffory, for help in preparing this publication.

"Lying on the west coast, at the beginning of Corsican Cap, the Domain Orenga de Gaffory was born 1967 in the heart of the famous appellation of Patrimonio. Founded by Pierre Orenga de Gaffory, quickly joined by his son Henri in 1977, the estate quickly became one of the references of the Patrimonio AOP. The vines are growing on predominantly clay-limestone soils. It spreads over five sites with nuanced micro-terroirs allowing, through blending, to produce complex wines as regarding their structure as well as their aromas."

Flowering vine

Patrimonio town

One of the options for traveling to Corsica from Vilnius: by plane to Milan, then by train without transfer to Genoa or Livorno, and then by ferry to the port of Bastia, which is in Corsica. Adjusting to the train, ferry and airplane flights, it is convenient to spend the night on the shore, for example, visiting Livorno. Or a ferry across the night Ligurian Sea. As Beatrice said from Bastia to the vineyard just half an hour away.

Henri Orenga de Gaffory, owner

Philippe Rideau, enologist

"The grapes growing on the vineyards are traditional and iconic Corsican varieties :

The famous Niellucciu, a Toscan Sangiovese’s cousin to produce red and rosé wines.

The high aromatic Vermentinu to produce white wines.

The unique floral, fruity and spicy Sciacarellu for blending in the rosé production.

The “Muscat petits grains”, which has been growing for centuries in Patrimonio and Cap Corse, giving excellent Muscat with floral, honey and citrus flavors.

Antique varieties have been also selected and planted after tasting:

The Minustelu, dedicated to the elaboration of a colored, fresh, fruity and spicy red wine named Scala Santa.

The Aleatico, a very fruity grape variety, vinified in sweet wine, the Rappo."



Describing northern Corsica in two or three sentences is extremely difficult, so we will use the advice of Beatrice and simply put here a few photos of her favorite places.

Mathys restaurant, Corsica

Dish on the terrace of the restaurant

"Since august 2016, the 56ha of the domain entered into organic conversion. Cultural practices had been already driven under reasonable approach for years, with a high care to the soil car. The Domain is presently keeping on preserving the biological balance and the qualities of the terroir according to the organic specifications, which are keeping biodiversity and soil integrity, controlling insect and pests, fertilizing by mineral treatments. In the cellar the winemaking process follow recommendation of organic specifications too."

Muscat du Cap

These white (yellow) wines from the Domaine Oranga de Gaffory could decorate the "Yellow Road"...But the yellow wines of Corsica can help here.

Of course it is tempting to get to Corsica on Elba Island, where the vineyards are also located. Elba Island is located just along the road to Corsica from the Tuscan Piombino, but judging by the map of regular ferry flights to Corsica from there no.

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