Château Saincrit, Saint-André-de-Cubzac, Bordeaux...

Florence Prud'homme, owner of the Château Saincrit

In 2003, Florence Prud’homme took over Château Saincrit, located in Saint André de Cubzac in the north of the Gironde. This 23-ha estate with clay-limestone and sandy soil is made up of various varieties: Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sémillion, all characteristic of AOC Bordeaux Supérieur. The growing methods have been carefully considered with the aim of satisfying individual tastes without being unfaithful to the terroir. Château Saincrit offers a range of wines, from fresh, young wines to rich wines, complex in the mouth.

Chateau Saincrit.

Florence Prudhomme,.. Chateau Saincrit

“You don’t become a winemaker on a whim, it’s a well thought out decision and a passion. My love for nature, to work with the land and my desire to be close to these ideals where the major attractions for this adventure."

Florence Prud'homme

The questions of "Yellow Road" answers Florence Prud'homme, owner of the Château Saincrit

1 - Why is your vineyard called "Château Saincrit"?

Vincent SAINCRIT, who was a miller by profession, decided at the end of the 19th century to replant vines instead of cereal on the hill of Montalon. He was the person who created the vineyard, of which still bears his name to this day. In 2003, I purchased the vineyard from his family and I kept the original name.

2 - Why is your area called Cubzac?

There are 2 possible origins: either CUBZAC comes from the name of a Celtic tribe that were called ‘the Cubes’ who occupied Bordeaux in the 1st century BC. Or it is a transformation based on the name of a local Gallo Roman character who was called CUPITUS.

3 - Please tell us how and why you became a winemaker?

I became a winemaker due to a desire to live a life that was close to nature. I found vines and that was it for me.

4 - Please share the story of your favorite white (yellow) wine.

In 2016, I was checking the vines before harvest and and I tasted the grapes to see if they were ripe and found them to be very sweet and subtle. I wanted to create a soft white wine, to keep the crispness of the grape and the sweetness of the pulp. From that, my wine ‘Butinage’ was born, an AOC Bordeaux moelleux.

Chateau Saincrit, BUTINAGE

5 - Do you prefer (this is important to you) the color of the wine?

The color of the wine is very important, as it is the first spontaneous impression of the wine we have. For the whites, I prefer a pale yellow colour, which expresses the delicacy and the freshness of the wine.

6 - List, if possible, a set (gift box) of three or four of your own wines (red and white), which, in your opinion, may be worthy of the presentation of your farm

The wines most representative of my vineyard are FOUGUE, which is my flagship Merlot. LOVE & CABERNET, cuvée 100% cabernet sauvignon wich is very fruity and great of all occasions.

For the whites, L’EPHÉMÈRE consists of mostly sauvignon gray, which is full bodied and refreshing.

Chateau Saincrit, L’EPHÉMÈRE

Chateau Saincrit FOUGUE

Chateau Saincrit, LOVE & CABERNET

7 - Originally, Château Saincrit exploited 4.5 hectares of vines. Today, the chateau operates 23 hectares of vineyards. How do you manage to achieve such impressive results?

The vineyard has grown over the years due to several beautiful parcels becoming available near the château. With this, I immediately imagined all the new vintages that I could produce… each vintage has its birthplace.

8 - Your vineyards are located in fantastically beautiful places ... And what is your favorite place on the on the ocean coast? ? Do you manage to relax there?

The vineyards are beautifully located between Bordeaux St Emilion and Blaye. They sit on a hill called Montalon, that offers a superb view over the river ‘Dordogne’. To recharge my batteries, I walk up this hill and admire this landscape over the vineyards and water.

Château Saincrit, Montalon

Vineyard at Chateau Saincrit

9 - Share your successes in winemaking, if they already have.

All dreams come true or something remains unfulfilled?

I prefer not to focus on success but rather my desires. The desire to create new wines, new labels as the vineyard evolves.

10 - You can offer the most beautiful view (favorite point) of the vineyards or the surrounding landscape. May I ask you to take one or two photos of your favorite places?

Chateau Saincrit, Montalon

11 - Saint-André-de-Cubzac... Do you have favorite places there?

The hill of Montalon, it has a superb view!

12 - What is your choice for "Yellow Road"?

choice for "Yellow Road" is my vintage EPHEMERE which is 100% sauvignon gris. However, I also do like the variation with the Bordeaux Moelleux BUTINAGE.

13 - If it's not a secret, tell us about your plans for the future ....

I never make plans, I progress with time...

14 - What white wine producer (from France or another country) would you recommend for Yellow Road?

I highly recommend my neighbours at Château l’insoumise.

15 - What cultural event would you like to see at home: an exhibition, an opera, a ballet, something else or just your own events?

I love the opera. I enjoy things when it is intense.

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