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In 1967, Martellino Martelli, grandfather of Alessandro, the current owner, bought a farm in the village of Fossoni in Suvereto, thereby starting the family’s agricultural activities. In 1985, Martellino’s son Renzo and his wife Marcella Busdragi began producing bottled natural wines. In 1989, Martellino bought another farm in Incontri a Suvereto, which today gives its name to the current farm. In 2000, Alessandro took over the activities of his parents, and even today he enthusiastically leads the work begun by his grandfather Martellino.

Alessandro Martelli and his orange wine

View of the city Suvereto from the vineyard

The company has a total of 12 hectares of objects, including 6 vineyards, 2 olive groves and 4 arable lands, clay is the main component of these lands, and the company of this precious material contains clay: red, brunette, yellow, blue and green.

Incontri natural wines, depending on these different types of clay, have different and unique organoleptic characteristics.

The Incontri winery is located in Fossoni in Suvereto. Only a limited number of precious bottles of natural wines are produced from a single grape each year. All processing processes fully respect the environment and everything that is part of it is a zero carbon footprint and follow the lunar and planetary calendars. Natural wines are certified organic, vegan and without the addition of sulfites.

The principles of the Earth Charter are the basis for every activity carried out within the company. Permaculture principles apply to planning and overall activity management.

As for crops, the method of dynamic organic farming is used.

City Suvereto night

and day

The questions of "YR" are answered by the Alessandro Martelli, owner of the winery Incontri

1 - You have a vineyard, there is wine, what would you like to add to this picture? Expand the vineyard, improve the wine, increase sales? If it's not a secret, what are your plans for the future?

Certainly we have dreams, I work every day with my family to fulfill our dreams. I promote and support the Charter of the Earth, it is a statement of fundamental ethical principles for the construction of a fair, sustainable and peaceful global society in the 21st century. The Charter proposes to inspire in all peoples a new feeling of global interdependence and shared responsibility for the well-being of the whole human family, of the great community of life and of future generations. The paper is a vision of hope and an appeal to act. The Charter of the Earth is primarily concerned with the transition to sustainable forms of life and sustainable human development. The Charter recognises that the objectives of ecological protection, poverty eradication, equitable economic development, respect for human rights, democracy and peace are interdependent and indivisible. As a result, the document provides an integral and broad-spectrum benchmark for guiding the transition to a sustainable future.I work my farm with these principles, the most important dream is to always keep these principles, and act.

This summer we have prepared the land to make new vineyard of Trebbiano, there will be vines to make grapes from Orange wine, the vines we have selected my father and I in our vineyards and in the oldest vineyard of Suvereto 1947. Every year from here to 7 years we want to renew a small part of our vineyards with our selections. In the cellar I started for three years to renew all containers in cement vitrified, this allows me to make refinements on natural yeasts longer, so it will increase the longevity and pleasantness of the orange wines, we are proud of the NOISTR wines but We always want to improve them. We want to find two good distributors one for Italy that distributes 5,000/10.000 our bottles and one for the foreign that distributes our 5,000/10,000 bottles.

Alessandro Martelli with his father Renzo Martelli and his mother Marcella Busdraghi

Winery Collage

2 - Do you prefer (it's important for you) the color of the wine?

For me the color of wine is important, but it is not all, must have a good perfume and above all must have a good taste, the orange wine are white wines that have a good flavor that's why we make them.

3 - History of the creation of your BIANCO and how much is a bottle, for example, INCONTRI AMBRA?

My grandfather made orange wine in the years 60 and 70 with macerations from 2 to 7 days, in 2007 was born our first new orange wine, we drank it all in the family. INCONTRI AMBRA was born to have a good white wine and long-lived, after a maceration of over a month ripe for 36 months in cement barrels and/or oak wood, after is aged in the bottle for at least 12 months.

INCONTRI Orange wine


4 - List, if possible, a set (gift box) of four or six own wines (red and white), which, in your opinion, can be worthy of representing your farm?

Family farm from 1957 total 12 hectares of which 6 per vineyard annual production about 20,000 bottles.

We make Orange from 2008 the macerations of the grapes we make them in steel or vitrified cement.

We do bio-dynamic farming next year we will be dating Demeter certified wines.

For the Vegan certification we do not use anything of animal origin in the wine and we do not use any insecticide in the vineyard.

The wines are not controlled by temperature during fermentation, we do not use selected yeasts, we look at the moon and the Stars for the processing, are not made additions of sulphites, are not filtered.

Orange Wines

INCONTRI AmbraTO 2013 Vermentino 80% trebbiano 20% -30 days of maceration 36 months Barrique IGT Tuscan White 30 euro (1050 bottles)

INCONTRI Orange 2016 Trebbiano 100% IGT Toscana Trebbiano 100% -2 days of maceration 18 months Oval Oak Barrel 19 euro (2000 bottles)

INCONTRI Orange 2015 Vermentino 100% -2 days of maceration 24 months barrel of cement vitrified 19 euro (3000 bottles)

LO SFIZIO DI UNA GOCCIA from dried grapes (2008) Vermentino 70% Trebbiano 30% 120 days of maceration 60 months of barrels 40 euro (300 bottles)

Red wines

INCONTRI ROSSO 2015 IGT Toscana Red Merlot 95% -30 days of maceration 24 months tonneau Oak 25 euro (3000 bottles)

INCONTRI RISERVA 2013 Merlot 100% IGT Toscana – 30 days of maceration 60 months tonneau Oak 45 euro (2000 bottles)

Orange wines

5 - And where, besides the winery, can try your wine?

Our Orange wine is located in Amsterdam at Winestories Wine Bar in Rome Enoteca Solovino in Edinburgh wine Cafè Toast Leith in Livorno Osteria La Venezia

6 - Your choice for the "Yellow Road" of white (yellow- your orange) wine? INCONTRI ORANGE,INCONTRI AMBRA?

INCONTRI ORANGE are of Trebbiano and Vermentino grapes, macerated according to the year from 2 to 7 days, they mature for at least 18 months in cement vitrified or oak wood

7 - Can you offer the most impressive view (favorite point) on vineyards or the surrounding landscape?

Favorite Point

8 - Is it convenient to get to your farm from Livorno? Is there a Modigliani museum in Livorno?

Our house is 1 hour drive from Livorno, in the city there is a museum G. Fattori in Via San Jacopo in Acquaviva where there are works by friends artists, examples and masters of Modigliani and also a work of his, visitable on reservation 0586/808001-804847

By appointment you can visit his first house in Via Roma, 38. On the main floor of the house there is a small exhibition of photos, letters, documents and his works, Visitable on reservation 320.8887044

The Synagogue, in Via Benamozegh is not the one that knew Amedeo Modigliani, but it rises in the same place and inside there are furnishings and marbles recovered from the previous destroyed in the Second World War. visitable on reservation 0586 896290

9 - And what are the Venturina terme, which are located 8 kilometers from you?

At the spa of Venturina there are various structures that benefit from the waters already known by the Etruscans and the Romans, called "Aquae Populoniae". They gush at 45 ° Centigrade throughout the year, with constant flow, and are classified as sulphated-Calcic-Magnesiache-bicarbonate-alkinotherrose.

10 - What kind of platform can you offer for the cultural program "Yellow Road": exhibition space, cinema hall, etc. Or do you have your own cultural projects?

For Yellow Road We can offer an exhibition space, in the tasting room of the winery or other premises of the farm, or involve activities in the area that appreciate our wines orange.

11- Which white wine producer (from Italy or another country) would you recommend for the "Yellow Road"?

Gravner Italy

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