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Colline del Vento is a winery, born and raised in Sardinia. It is located in Villasimius, a municipality with a strong tourist vocation of the province of Cagliari, in Brennas

It is from the terroir emerges the uniqueness of the wine (1)

"On the land I inherited from my grandfather (b. 1898) and that has belonged to my family for over a century, a terrain overlooking the sea at Villasimius, on the southeastern coast of Sardinia, I created a five hectare vineyard on the face of a hill. This I did in accordance with the tradition of the ancient cultivators, such as my ancestors were, being strongly bound to nature and the land, more so than to the sea. And I have done it all with dedication and a poetic sensibility. “Su binu bonu cun su 'entu 'e su mari” is my motto. Translated from Sardinian it means: “Good wine with wind and sea”, and captures the spirit and passion, combined with nature's enchantment, in a small corner of paradise" (Gianluca Castangia)

It is from the terroir emerges the uniqueness of the wine. The study and respect of the terroir are necessary for the production and knowledge of the vine and its wine. Preservation of the terroir also means preserving the taste of wine. Therefore, the wine of the winery express a strong connection with the territory of Villasimius and Sarrabus...

Spiaggia del Giunco o Notteri, Sardinia, Villasimius

Spiaggia di Timi Ama, Sardinia , Villasimius

Villasimius is a place on the southeast coast of Sardinia (Sardegna) about fifty kilometers from Cagliari. It leads there an unusually beautiful road, most of which is a mountain serpentine directly above the sea, from which breathtaking panoramic views, fragments of white beaches and fabulous shades of water from light blue to emerald

Villasimius was once a fishing village, and to this day has maintained a close relationship with the sea, which is one of the island's main resources, the beauty and transparency of the sea with its long beaches of white sand have helped Villasimius become one of the most famous tourist destinations in Sardinia

Especially in the summer months of the year Villasimius and its magnificent beaches are filled with Italian and foreign tourists who are eager to spend their holidays on the most beautiful beaches of Sardinia. Villasimius gives the opportunity to choose a new beach every day, Porto Giunco, Punta Is Molentis and Cala Caterina are just a few of the options.

Mario Castangia

"The achievement of quality and excellence is our raison d'etre, here at Colline del Vento. From the cultivation of the dry stumps to obtain small and concentrated grapes, to the harvesting of the mature grapes, set in rows at two and a half metres apart so that the grapes and roots may better breathe in the scents of sea and earth; and from the care invested in the wine-making process, up to the bottling and even the design of the bottles, every aspect of production is undertaken with originality and the utmost attention. Our wines tell the tale of who we are, the passion we put into our work and the deep respect we reserve for our land"(Gianluca Castangia)

Vineyards of the winery Colline del Vento

The questions of "YR" are answered by the Gianluca Castangia, owner of the winery Colline del Vento

1 - Now you have a vineyard, there is wine, what would you like to add to this picture? Expand the vineyard, improve the wine, increase sales

We are going to expand the numbers of hectars of our vineyard. Consequently, our production will increase. Though, at the end of the day, our aim will always be the same: feeling good about our products. Selling will never be our first goal. What we care the most is our territory. Indeed, in our nature, in our landscape, in our terroir, we find a fundamental balance to live healthy and happy.

2 - The traditional question for winemakers: What is your favorite wine (red or white)? And why?

From my point of view, this is a tricky question to answer. It surely depends on the state of mind, the company and the food. What I love the most about wine is that it is capable of transmitting various emotions accordingly to the situation.

3 - The history of creating your BIANCO?

I am an architect, a little bit crazy, idealist and visionary. Following the agro-pastoral family tradition and the passion of my father, between 2005 and 2006, we decided to dedicate ourselves to the farm of grapes. We try to do our best to express the qualities of our lands. We decided to give ourselves to Entu, our organic vermentino of Sardinia, which, in my opinion, is a gorgeous expression of my Sardinia. It is a beautiful and elegant wine, capable of creating emotions.

Still Life with Entu

4 - Do you prefer (it's important for you) the color of the wine?

The color surely anticipates the feelings that a person will taste in the first sip of a glass of wine. In fact, the first perception comes through the eyes, then all the others follow. The color of the wine is therefore essential for the wine tasting.


5 - Your vineyards are located in fantastically beautiful places. Have you thought about building your own tourist way.. What will be the length of the route? Can a tourist live in your hotel? Can a tourist visit the beaches every day to return home? ..

A lot of people visit Villasimius for its wonderful beaches and its crystal clear water. Only those who are seriously interested in living a unique experience manage to find us. Those who have the chance to taste our wines under our carob tree, guardian of the vineyard, are moved by the peace and quiet that our vineyard transmits to the soul.

6 - Your Choice for the Yellow Road of white (yellow) wine?

I can not but suggest you our Entu DOC. (Controlled Designation of Origin) organic vermentino of Sardinina.


7 - You can offer the most spectacular view (favorite point) on vineyards or the surrounding landscape.

Please find the pictures hereby attached.

Fantastic landscapes in vineyards of Colline del Vento

It is from the terroir emerges the uniqueness of the wine (2)

8- If it's not a secret, what are your plans for the future?

No secrets at all, I am very optimistic about the development of our wine production. We truly believe in this project and we will always do our best to take care of what nature offers us.

9 - Which white wine producer (from Italy or another country) would you recommend for the Yellow Road?

Josko Gravner and his fantastic yellow Ribolla.

Sergey Evtuhov, author of the project

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