La Tunella - a unique land

View of some vineyards of the La Tunella

It so happened that we are still circling in the area of the Italian-Slovenian border. But this is reasonable from our side, because there are enough good white wines here. The Italian section of the "Yellow Road" originates on the Italian-Austrian border. If you look at the map, its route will pass by Bressanone, Bolzano, Trento ... Then the road will turn sharply towards Udine. Then she will make a narrow loop and return to Rovereto. And further along Lake Garda to Verona and Sirmione. And further to Piedmont and Emilia Romagna. Who closely follows the birth of the road, he can already imagine the beginning ...

Just thirty kilometers from Tenuta Beltrame (Friuli-Venezia Giulia) is the charming winery La Tunella

Massimo and Marco Zorzettig (who cherish the family traditions together with their mother Gabriella)
The tale of La Tunella and of the wines that are its precious yield are inseparable from the territory denominated Colli Orientali del Friuli, that has always been considered among the most felicitous for the cultivation of the vine. This is due to the terrain, composed of a mixture of sandstone and marl (called "ponca" in Friulan), and to the microclimate, which is extremely favourable and absolutely unique: the hills of ancient eocenic origin, terraced by assiduous human labour (we are speaking of two thousand hectares of vineyards), are protected on the northern side by the Giulian Pre-Alps, a mighty shield against the chilly winds, and pleasantly warmed by the breezes from the south, that waft in from the Adriatic Sea only a few dozen kilometers away.
View of the Colli Orientali del Friuli

Of the 70 hectares of the La Tunella's property, all used for the cultivation of the vine and all in the Colli Orientali del Friuli D.O.C. area, 70% are given over to white grapes and the remaining 30% to red grapes.

The proportion reflects the tradition of the Colli Orientali del Friuli, a land of white wines par excellence.

The system of viticulture is the traditional French gujot and the single inverted.

The average density is of 4,500/5,000 vines per hectare.

The yield is limited to 7.5/9.0 tons per hectare, to favour the quality of the grapes.

The wines range from classic whites and reds, to cuvees, 'passito' raisin wines and single-grape wines that are the fruit of the judicious enhancement of fine autochthonous varieties.

La Tunella winery
A small interview with co-owner of La Tunella is Massimo Zorzettig right now.

1 - The history of creating your favorite white (yellow) wine.

We always trusted in the importance of our territory hence we selected two great native grapes : Friulano and Ribolla Gialla, to create a special and unique blend. The grapes come from a single vineyard with our eldest vines which were raised 25- 30 years ago. It’s our signature wine because it expresses perfectly the territory and has been making us proud all around the world. Since it was the sixth of our whites, it took the name Biancosesto (that is sixth white). The first vintage was released in 2003, the latest vintage available is 2016.

2 - Do you prefer (it's important for you) the color of the wine?

Absolutely. The colour of the wine tells a lot about it before sipping it. It gives you an idea of its “age” and the winemaking technique.

3 - What is your favorite wine? And why?

Certainly our flagship Biancosesto. We love whites. And this special blend reflects our philosophy: we believe in the power of our native grapes. The Friulano grapes bring the minerality of our soils while the Ribolla Gialla enlives it with extreme freshness.

4 - List, if possible, a set (gift box) of four or six own wines, which, in your opinion, can adequately represent your farm.

I think everyone would be glad to receive a case with Rjgialla, Col Livius Friulano, Biancosesto, Schioppettino, Pignolo, Noans. Whites of growing intensity, two fascinating native reds and at last the finesse of a noble and complex dessert wine.

flagship Biancosesto
Col Livius Friulano

5 - Your choice for the "Yellow Road" (you can give 1-2 wines), Picolit?

I would suggest Col Livius Friulano, our single vineyard 100% Friulano. A marriage of minerality, floral bouquet in an elegant robe. Also our Picolit for its rareness, it’s almost a jewel with its amber colour and complex bouquet.

6- You can offer (photo) the most beautiful view (favorite point) on vineyards or the surrounding landscape.

La Tunella vineyard

7- Is it possible to try the dishes that are given on your website? Do you plan to organize a visit to the winery by tourists in the future?

The recipes shown in our website are only for wine pairing inspiration, we simply make the wines. Our customers make the magic at home

8 - If the "Yellow Road" passes through Azienda Agricola La Tunella, your menu: dinner, wine (and how much it will cost the tourist)?

Although our wine shop is open every working day, e welcome tourists for guided tours at our cellar only upon previous booking and only on Saturdays. After the visit there’s the possibility of tasting our wines. The visit is free of charge. Our area offers plenty of nice and cozy “agriturismo” (farm snack places) and “trattoria” (family styled restaurants).

9 - What cultural event would you like to see at home: an exhibition, an opera, a ballet or something else? A fan of what kinds of art you are?

Classic music, especially Operas.

10 - Which white wine producer (from Italy or another country) would you recommend for the "Yellow Road"?

I think Marisa Cuomo in Amalfi Coast is really worth a visit.

Sergey Evtuhov, author of the "Yellow Road",

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