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Jalal Nakad, the Master Distiller and wine maker , studied in France Oenology, and he has been in charge since 2012

Grapes from Lebanon, Bekaa Valley

Chateau Nakad, it’s the first Lebanese family owned winery in Lebanon, established by Joseph Nakad
Salim Nakad

Winery History in Pictures (1)

Winery History in Pictures (2)

Yellow Road Questions answered by Lara Nakad, Marketing Manager

1 - Why is your vineyard called “Chateau Nakad?”

It’s our Inherited Family Name

2 - Please tell us a little about yourself
The story of Château Nakad is first and foremost that of a family, of three generations of winemakers from the Bekaa Valley, whose blood runs with passion for soil, wine and grapes.
In 1923, during the French Mandate in Lebanon, Joseph Nakad’s wine became a favorite among France’s deployed soldiers. The contingent commissioned large quantities of his fresh and lively vintages to lift the spirits of the troops.
Then, his son Salim took over the business. In his hands Château Nakad became one of the leading enterprises on the Lebanese wine scene.
Today, Joseph’s grandchildren, guided by their father Salim, are ensuring the prosperity of the label, consolidating its reputation both within Lebanon and on the international wine market.
The winery is located in the village of Jdita/Chtaura, in the Bekaa Valley, near the most fertile farmlands of the region. More importantly, it is built on the remains of wine cellars dating back to the Bronze Age.
The Nakad family currently produces red, rosé, white and sweet wine as well as the traditional Lebanese anisette liquor, Arak As-Samir. Another outstanding recent creation is the winery’s very own Afandello, an artisanal orange-flavored liquor.
Another recent masterpiece, is the MISK, a mastiha liquor

3 - There are no restaurants in Jdita, can tourists have a bite to eat at the winery?
There are restaurants in Jdita, Chtaura and Zahle; the Bekaa is a Touristic destination

4 - Which tasty traditional food in the Bekaa Valley?
All Lebanese Food, Mezze, Tabbouli, Fattoush, Best Grilled Meat “Mashawi”
Lebanese Restaurant in Vancouver Canada

Lebanese Restaurant in Vancouver Canada

Lebanese Restaurant in Vancouver Canada

5 - What is your favorite wine (red or white)? And why?
I like both Red and White, however I am more into the red wine: full bodied, balanced and aromatic

6 - List, if possible, a set (gift box) of three or four of your own wines (red and white), which, in your opinion, may be worthy of the presentation of your farm
Wines from Chateau Nakad

7- Share your successes in winemaking: awards, prizes...
We were the only Lebanese winery to win the GRAND GOLD medal in SMV Canada; others: Concours Mondial de Bruxelles (Gold), FIWA (Gold), BRWSC (Gold)

8 - You can offer the most beautiful view (favorite point) of the vineyards or the surrounding landscape. May I ask you to take one or two photos of your favorite places?
Our vineyards are located on the Hills of the Bekaa Valley.
In producing our wine we work meticulously to select the finest grapes and the varietals (cépage). Quality is always our chief consideration.
“Coteaux de la Bekaa,” written on our label, and meaning vineyards grown on the slopes of the Bekaa, highlights the uniqueness of our chosen terroir. Our hill-grown grapes produce wines with distinct aromas and flavors. Unlike vines grown on the Bekaa’s plains, the drainage of the hills limits the dilution of our grapes’ flavor. This rare grape selection helps enable us to produce extraordinary wines that add real diversity to a fast-growing wine industry in Lebanon

9 - What is your choice for "Yellow Road"?
Our White Wine Bloom

Bloom White Wine...

and Rose Wine

10- If it's not a secret, tell us about your plans for the future
We are Honored to maintain our Heritage and expand our export market

11 - What white wine producer (from Lebanon or another country) would you recommend for Yellow Road?
This is a matter of taste, I like Full Bodied White Wines, enriched on their lees.
Chateau Flowers

and Fruits...

Festivals photos...

Sergey Evtuhov, author of the project "Yellow Road"
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