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Maubats entrance

Cellar in Château les Maubats

I am pleased to introduce a new member of the "Yellow Road",
Family winery Cadis Christophe and Ann Vinot
The farm, located on a hill and extending into a valley, is located in Roquebrune, in the Upper Entre-de-Mercs, between Dordogne and Garonne. The estate covers an area of 16.75 hectares, almost all of which are devoted to cultivation.
Vineyard occupies 7.92 hectares

Christophe and Ann

The questions of "Yellow Road" answers the owner of the chateau Cadis Christophe

1 - Why is your vineyard called "Château les Maubats"?
"Maubats" was the name of a small village located where is the vineyard today.
This village was destroyed during the French Revolution

2 - Christophe, you and Anna own Château les Maubats
Please tell us how and why you became winemakers?

My father loves Bordeaux wines and teach us (with my brother, when we were young adults) to taste them in good conditions.
It gives me THE reason to become a wine maker.It was 15 years ago
I was attracted than by working the vines outside, using the grapes to make the wine, and deciding which kind of wine I want to do with
So I decided to own my own vineyard. It took me 5 years to find the place of Château Les Maubats

Harvesting in Château

3- Please share the story of your favorite white (yellow) wine.
It is Bordeaux wines, sorry…
I have just taste one time an old bottle of 1964, from my grand mother cellar.
A sweat white wine of Château Giraud, Sauterne area.
It was a great memory

4 - Do you prefer (this is important to you) the color of the wine?
Yes. The color of a wine is the first meeting with a wine : it has to be pleasant enouigh to keep on with the tasting



5 - List, if possible, a set (gift box) of three or four of your own wines (red and white), which, in your opinion, may be worthy of the presentation of your farm
Our Bordeaux white wine 100 % sauvignon
Our special Cuvée called Bordeaux supérieur Caliste (2 years of maturity time in french oak barel)
Our Bordeaux supérieur made 1 year in oak barel too

6 - Share your successes in winemaking, if they already have.
Not yet !

7 - You can offer the most beautiful view (favorite point) of the vineyards or the surrounding landscape. May I ask you to take one or two photos of your favorite places?

Harvesting sauvignon

Vineyard in June

8 - What is your choice for "Yellow Road"?

9 - If it's not a secret, tell us about your plans for the future ....

We are just beginning to convert the viyard in organic culture. It will take 3 years to get the european certificate. That is our most important plan

10 - What white wine producer (from France or another country) would you recommend for Yellow Road?

Take your time and try to asociate french food to french white wine

11 - What cultural event would you like to see at home: an exhibition, an opera, a ballet, something else or just your own events?
We organize yet 2 events at the property :
- 9/10 june : a giant pick nick with a lot of attractions
- 5/6 october : the feast of the harvesting time
But we are open to welcome others events

Sergey Evtuhov, author of the project "Yellow Road"

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